Our Programs

Our classes are intentionally designed to be non-formal in nature. We believe in bringing education directly to pastors and church leaders, enabling them to learn within the framework of their ministry. At present, our program includes certificates in Bible Introduction and diplomas in Biblical Studies.

Our diplomas hold accreditation through Breakthrough International Bible University (BIBU) based in Nairobi, Kenya. This affiliation with BIBU provides our diploma graduates with the opportunity to seamlessly transfer their credits toward pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies. In East Africa, we stand out as one of the rare non-formal institutions that offer such accredited educational pathways.

As a Bible Training ministry, we seek to be dynamic in our approach teaching pastors and church elders in Africa. We have formulated courses that are rooted in the Bible to help ministers of the Gospel navigate the ever increasing challenges in the world! 

The courses we teach have been thoroughly vetted, putting into consideration the needs of pastors and church leaders in Africa. Our courses have been designed to sharpen and empower ministers to become agents of transformation in both their churches and the communities they have been planted in. 

Tanzania Empower Africa Seminar Graduation

Certificate Course

Our certificate course is 92 hours of classroom instruction, and we offer the following subjects: 

Diploma course

Our Diploma course is 330 hours of classroom instruction. And we offer the following subjects: